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The BackPack Program by C+G is a kick-start aid to help your brand re-start the process of advertising and marketing after lockdown. It is aimed at all those businesses who need to project the right brand image in their game plan to recovery.
Talking about helping others becomes real when words are put into action. We know how it's been a really tough time for all kinds of businesses so we decided to shove the blah blah blah and do something.
We created The BackPack Program to help you get back your brand's lost momentum.
Because advertising is a key player in a brand's journey, we are offering businesses a chance to get some good advertising creatives done for use on any medium of their choice (for a limited time till 31 July 2020). Don't forget that more than the medium, what goes on the medium counts. And if your communication is mediocre, shabby, boring or lousy, know how the story will unfold.
There are many factors that contribute towards a having a successful brand. Just advertising won't cut it, but hey! let's start somewhere. The ads might not make you the next £1 million. But it's an opportunity to sharpen your brand image.
Well, here's the opportunity. Without a hefty price tag.
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You have your targets locked. Let's just say we're the ammo.
£399 for 3*
No gimmicks. It's for real.
Hell yeah, it's peanuts for advertising services but as we've said before, in troubled times we know what a struggle feels like and we want to help out as much as possible.
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Fill out the request form and we'll email you a Brief Sheet
We'll ideate and execute based on the brief provided
3 ad creatives.
Ready for release.
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Sometimes a discussion might be needed to understand the brief better. We might have some recommendations too. No worries there, it'll be a free consultation. One size doesn't fit all, that's why.
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The creatives are developed based on your medium of choice. Sometimes an opportunity could present itself via another medium. Adaptation happens. Some possible scenarios: 1. Thinking of making one of the creatives into a flyer. 2. How about we use one creative on Facebook, one as a store poster and one as a flyer. 3. Let's use two ads on social and one as a magazine ad. Etc etc. Point is, they are all adaptations from the original medium of choice. If you require it, we'll apply an additional nominal fee of £35 per adaptation.
* Terms & Conditions apply. Please be advised this special price offer is for new clients only and available until 31 July 2020. All good things must come to an end, unfortunately.
Yes. My advertising needs some oomph.
Please email me the Brief Sheet.

You've taken the first step. We'll be in touch.

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