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Absolute suckers for simplicity. That, we are.

Here, we don't believe that complicating matters helps to look more important.

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. Class. Sophistication.

Philosophies of how we work. Yada yada on brand this and creative that and whatnot.
Images of the dog, cat or the goldfish. Zilch.
You won't find any.
C+G is an independent full service ideas boutique with an ad agency's DNA. And it does everything an ad agency is supposed to do.

Our job is to create strategic conversation pieces for your brand that will stimulate, engage, entertain, delight and disrupt perceptions.


There's only one mantra we work on and believe in - that nothing ever happened without an idea.

Plain and simple.


We don't take briefs from you. We listen to your dream.


The reason is quite simple.

Dreams build brands.

We know what makes brands tick.
More importantly, we know how to make one.
"Us, Michelangelo. You, Sistine Chapel.

Let's go paint that ceiling."

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