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Even when briefed to do so, we find it quite hard. Erm..yeah.
We're not fans of mediocrity.
Which is why lame and bad work have no place here.
If it did, what's the point of calling the outfit a creative boutique?
Sorry, it's just not in the genes.
To put it bluntly, we can't do crap.
And honestly, there are times when we can't. Really can't.
We can't give you a breakdown of our creative costs when costing up a proposal. The absolute honest best breakdown we can give you is to let you know if we do the job the cost to you will be £X and if you don't want us to do the job the cost to you will be £0.
We can't put the effort in to creating something based on the promise of exposure on social media instead of being paid for the work.
We can't create a brand any cheaper because a client's sister-in-law knows Photoshop. Or Canva. Or both.
We can't and we don't give away source files after an assignment. (Try asking your favourite restaurant chef to hand over their cooking utensils and ingredients after you've paid for the meal. Let us know how that goes.)
We can't work at length, making plans and creative options, and then be told there is no budget at all. Five loaves and two fishes for tens of thousands was good for Jesus. Not us.
We can't just have a look and see what we can come up with without spending time. Ideas are not 2-minute pot noodles.

Think our jewels are still in the right place?

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